Altris’ unique layout offerings cater to the wider market, with practical sizes for everyone. Homes here offer homebuyers flexible layouts, with multiple combination options for easy customisation of the interiors, to suit various lifestyles.

TYPE A - 646 sqft (2R 2B)

TYPE A1 - 646 sqft (2R 1B-Flexi)

TYPE A2 - 700 sqft (2+1R 2B)

TYPE B - 754 sqft Duplex (1+1R 2B)

TYPE B1/B2 - 786 sqft Duplex (2+1R 2B)

TYPE C - 808 sqft (3R 2B)

TYPE C1 - 819 sqft (3R 2B)

TYPE C2 - 840 sqft (3R 2B)

TYPE C3 - 851 sqft (3R 2B)

TYPE D - 937 sqft (4R 2B)

TYPE D1 - 948 sqft (4R 3B)

TYPE D2 - 969 sqft (4R 3B)

TYPE E - 1238 sqft (5R 3B)

TYPE E1 - 1443 sqft Duplex (5R 3B)

TYPE C6-D - 1357 sqft Pool Deck (3R 2B)

TYPE D5-D - 2272 sqft Pool Deck (4R 3B)

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